We are blessed to have lived the full-time RV dream of travel and exploration for almost five years.   As with many others, health issues forced us off the road for now and we now live in the Phoenix area.

We kept the fifth wheel and hope to keep traveling and finish our map!  We’ll also want to go to cooler climates during the hot summer months.


8 Responses to About

  1. Priscilla says:

    Serene- someone told me about your website and I am so happy that you are living your dream and having wonderful adventures. Congrats on your retirement, and being grandparents.

  2. Lisa Hecht says:

    Serene and Randy–got your blog link from another retired HP’er. Enjoying reading about your adventures, especially since I’ve traveled in and around the around between Phoenix and the Grand Canyon! I highly recommend the Havasupai area for its red-rock canyons and turquoise waters.


  3. Roy says:

    At mothers showing her your blog pics. Happy Trails

  4. rightlaners says:

    Will you be in Quartzsite in January? Are you members of Xscapers? If so then maybe we’ll be meeting you then!

  5. Serene says:

    We aren’t Xcapers (yes escapees). We’ll give that some thought!

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