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Crossing Over

Today we initiated a crossing over, and completed a crossing over. I actually mailed my application for retirement to PERSI, Public Employees Retirement System of Idaho.  Randy and I had to go sign in front of a notary documenting that the … Continue reading

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What is that smell?!

What is that smell!?   It was perplexing and it was unpleasant enough that we needed to figure it out! Of course, in an RV you fear “black tank” (bathroom) odors but that wasn’t the problem as the odor was in … Continue reading

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In the past few days we have had expectations dashed and expectations exceeded. We spent the weekend at Priest Lake State Park.  The lake was beautiful and the water clear.  A campground program director reminded us of a cruise director … Continue reading

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58 First Cousins

My father is an only child yet he had 58 first cousins.   We have spent the week in Newport enjoying the company of three of his/my cousins:  Audrey, Britta and Venita.  Of course, there are third cousins (Vicki, Terri and … Continue reading

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