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PHX: Mystery Castle

Boyce Gully left his home and family in Washington State when he was diagnosed with tuberculosis in 1929.  His doctor recommended he move to a drier climate. Boyce left his wife, Frances, and their five year old daughter, Mary Lou, and … Continue reading

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Outside Nashville: Mammoth Cave National Park, Kentucky

When we travel, you can be sure I have done the research.  That includes hotels, things to do and places to eat.  The morning we headed to Mammoth Cave National Park, my research failed us.  All of my breakfast places … Continue reading

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Outside Nashville: The Hermitage

Andrew Jackson was born fatherless and orphaned at 14.  He made his own way in the new America by taking chances and bending the rules.  He was courageous, independent and determined.  Do I sound like a fan?    All I … Continue reading

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Outside Nashville: Belle Meade Plantation

Our first journey outside Nashville was to the Belle Meade Plantation. It sits on the Natchez Trace, a former Native American path connecting settlements.   John Harding bought the site in 1807 and began developing a farm he called Belle … Continue reading

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