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Transatlantic Cruise: Cadìz, Spain and our First Flamenco

Cadìz is arguably the oldest inhabited city in western Europe.  The history is authenticated from 1104 BC.   It was inhabited first by the Phonecians, then the Carthaginians (beginning in 530 BC) Romans (beginning in 49 BC),  Moors (beginning in … Continue reading

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Transatlantic Cruise: Ceuta – Is it Spain? Is it Africa? It’s Both!

When we purchased our transatlantic cruise, it included ports of Gibraltar and Monte Carlo.  However, we knew before we left home that those had been substituted out and our new ports were Cueta, Spanish Morocco and Nice, France. Flexibility is … Continue reading

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Transatlantic Cruise: The Azores

The Azores are a group of islands spanning a length of 373 miles.  The islands formed 50,000 years ago through volcanic eruption. Ten major islands surfaced and two were later joined through another eruption, leaving nine primary islands in the … Continue reading

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Transatlantic Cruise: Entertainment and Covid

If Entertainment and Covid seems an odd title, it is unfortunately fitting. We first suspected that something was going on when the entertainment we could see scheduled out days ahead started changing.    We had gone through pretty rigorous requirements … Continue reading

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Transatlantic Cruise: Those Sensational Sea Days

Our 21 day cruise started with six straight sea days. Actually it was eight out of the first nine days on board the Nieuw Statendam.  That allows for a lot of sea day activities and for sea day routines to … Continue reading

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