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We live full time in our fifth wheel and travel and volunteer. We remember everyday how blessed we are to have the opportunity to live this season of our lives in this way. Our black lab, Elko, keeps us company along the way.

Iowa Sticker: Earned and Enjoyed

Our map has had an empty spot where Iowa should be for almost a year. When we met Rick and Diana in Arizona, they invited us to come visit them in Iowa and earn our sticker. So we did! We … Continue reading

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Ordinary Americana – Worth the Trip

Like the pioneers of western migration, we are traversing the Great Platt River Road but we are doing it in reverse, going east instead of west, and on Interstate 80 instead of a flat river plain.  At an interstate rest … Continue reading

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Nebraska: The Good Life

We were glad to get moving again after our truck problem but the last day in Wyoming was still stressful. Randy was concerned enough about our tires on the trailer to change one out for the spare and rotate the … Continue reading

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Diverted and Delayed

As you can tell from the title, we have had an unexpected adventure. The situation is resolved as I write, but l’ll tell the tale chronologically. Before we left Boise we had an intermittent noise in the truck engine and … Continue reading

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From Penalty Box to Blessing Box

Cancer treatments be damned – We have had a great time visiting our old lives in Boise. Our stay here turned from penalty box to blessing box. Our “peeps” in Boise have turned on the support for us in a … Continue reading

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The Penalty Box

Randy’s bladder has us in the penalty box. We were suppose to be on a road trip this month but are back in Boise for Randy’s cancer treatments. Even though we enjoyed living in Boise for many years, we don’t … Continue reading

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Water Falling

We have had lots of experience with water falling over the past month! Like many places, Oregon has had even more than its normal, generous annual rainfall. We dodged raindrops most of our first weeks here.  The weather has been … Continue reading

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