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Former full time RVers, transitioning to part time RVers. We've still got a map to finish! Home is the Arizona desert but we may not want to be here in the heat of the summer!

And the Beat Goes On

A couple weeks ago I wrote about all the things we’ve been able to do,  making up for lost time after Randy’s stuff.  We’re still at it – and the beat goes on!   We went to Las Vegas to … Continue reading

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Fun – At a Hectic Pace

We’ve had a lot of ups, and a few downs, over the past 12 weeks as Randy recovers from surgery.  When he is able, we have fun at a hectic pace.   I’ve waited way too long to catch up! … Continue reading

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Driving Through A Desert Snowstorm!

Almost two years ago I wrote a blog about The Other Road Between Phoenix and Tucson, the scenic alternative to I-10, and the adventures we had there.  They included a roadside stop celebrating the life of Tom Mix and a … Continue reading

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Two Tributes and Melissa

As Randy is still recovering from major surgery, we aren’t able to hike or explore yet, but we can be entertained!   Our timing is great because entertainment abounds for snowbirds in Mesa.     We could go to a … Continue reading

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The Eye of the Storm

If chemotherapy was the frontside and surgery is the back side, we have been enjoying relative calm in the eye of the storm.  We’ve had about six weeks in which Randy has gained strength and resumed some level of normalcy.  … Continue reading

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We’re Hoping for Oranges

We are in a good place.  Randy is recovering nicely after his chemotherapy and we are enjoying some normalcy.  He still “feels” the poison in his body, and will for many months, but its effects are no longer incapacitating.  Surgery … Continue reading

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A Nice Little Bounce-Back

Randy has had a nice little bounce-back during this second week of his first cycle of chemotherapy.  (Doctors plan four two week cycles.) He suggested an outing to the Commemorative Air Force Museum.   We spent an enjoyable day exploring … Continue reading

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