Bronco Flamingos on Guard!

We spent the last four days/nights at Dworshack State Park, somewhere we had never been before. We were again in a cyber hole with only the state park Wi-Fi to keep us semi-connected. We had satellite service by just barely having room for our “dish” in our driveway, and just barely getting around the trees for a signal. We set out our Bronco flamingos (Thanks Sheri and Chip!) to call attention to the area so a driver didn’t accidently clip it.

Dworshack 009

The satellite dish and the flamingos were conversation starters with a variety of people in the park. Fortunately for us, they started a conversation with our neighbors Dee and Fred. They are from San Jose and were at Dworshack on a fishing trip. Dee was really interested in World Cup Soccer, so we invited them over to watch the US-Portugal game and they invited us to dinner. It was a nice afternoon and evening. We hope to have many of those type of experiences with people we meet on the road.

Dworshack 015

The road going into Dworshack has 2 miles of steep grade and hairpin turns. Randy didn’t love it going in – although I liked that there wasn’t a cliff on my side like highway 64 – and we had some smokin’ brakes when we got down the hill. Randy did go back out one day with the truck to tour the Dworshack Dam, but he still didn’t like the road. Coming out was much less adventurous than going in. We had a quiet trip to Farragut State park, one of our favorite repeat stops. We are here for 4 nights and will likely take a few hikes, play disc golf and go to the Brig Museum.

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Former full time RVers, transitioned to homeowners and travelers. We've still got a map to finish! Home is the Phoenix area desert and a small cabin in the White Mountains of Arizona.
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6 Responses to Bronco Flamingos on Guard!

  1. Shari says:

    It looks like the flamingo are taking a giant turtle for a walk. Such a great adventure you two are having!

    • I told Randy this morning we need to put a sign on it to say what it is. So many people look and wonder. But, if we are out, it is a conversation starter. It does look like a camo-turtle!

  2. It use to have a white cover but we got the camo one so it might be less conspicuous for thievery but that only works if you have it in the brush. People would likely have a better idea what it is if it were still white. Tell Maggie Hi!

  3. Randy said only a 5 toe curl. I think highway 64 was at least an 8. I didn’t say I wanted out of the truck but I was thinking it!

  4. Kent Johnson says:

    So the turtle never goes up on top of the 5th wheel?

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