You Can Go Home Again

We enjoyed Christmas week in Boise!  We enjoyed staying with Natasha, Seth and Archer and being able to spend lots of time with them.  We also celebrated Archer’s first birthday with  Seth’s family, and my parents who came over from Vancouver.

We squeezed in breakfasts, lunches and dinners with most of our close friends in Boise and are so appreciative that you had time for us during our short week.


On our last morning in town we saw this sign and wondered if someone put it there just for us!


Unfortunately our time was short because we really needed to head south! Snowy roads and cold temperatures aren’t ideal when you live in a trailer!  We needed to pick up our home near Vancouver and get going!

We traveled from Boise to Vancouver during a weather “window” that didn’t really exist. There were at least 100, maybe 200,  semi-trucks along I-84 between LaGrande and Pendleton putting on or taking off chains.


We made it safely down the other side but were very glad we just had our truck for this part of the trip.

We picked up our trailer, re-provisioned the kitchen, and headed to the Oregon coast.  It wasn’t our plan to head south via the Pacific Coast Highway 101, but the temps on the coast were at least 10 degrees warmer (low 30s at night instead of teens and 20s).  We didn’t want to worry about freezing pipes, and wanted to be a little warmer ourselves!  The combination of electric heat, propane furnace and an electric blanket has worked well enough. Yet, we will try to avoid having the trailer this far north, this late in the year, in the future.


Watching gas and diesel prices along the coast was interesting.  We hadn’t seen diesel cost less than gasoline in ages, and certainly not at this low price!  Interestingly enough, 200 yards down the highway, diesel was $3.49!  Prices have really been all over the place.

We spent just one night at each of our first two stops because the goal was just to get south.  This stop, at Port Orford, is for two nights.  Port Orford is the oldest townsite on the Oregon Coast and the most westerly point in the lower 48.  Cape Blanco State Park has the oldest and highest operating lighthouse in the state.  We are staying at a small RV park in town.   Camp Blanco, is very tidy and we liked the cute little doggie spot.


Yesterday afternoon was dedicated to watching Boise State win the Fiesta Bowl -yeah Broncos!  Today we did a little exploring and spent some time at the beach.  The weather wasn’t quite as nice as our time at the Mexico beach, but the view was gorgeous!


Tomorrow we stay on 101 and head into California where we will be for most of the next month.

About Serene

Former full time RVers, transitioned to homeowners and travelers. We've still got a map to finish! Home is the Phoenix area desert and a small cabin in the White Mountains of Arizona.
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6 Responses to You Can Go Home Again

  1. guerin fischer says:

    We are waving to you from Ashland, Oregon.

  2. Serene says:

    Sorry we missed you! Another day…

  3. Cindy Berg says:

    So happy we were able to see you and that you are safely on the road heading south. You’re kind of like the birds! Keep posting!

  4. Serene says:

    Great to see you all too. Loved our game night!

  5. Audrey hunt says:

    What a neat way to spend the holidays! The card your mom and dad sent sure was so special. Archer is sure a darling boy! Bet you all really didn’t want to end that time. So glad to hear all the news. It’s way cold here in Yuma! Have a great New Year!

  6. Serene says:

    Archer is adorable! His parents have asked us not to post pictures of him, but I’ll show them to you when we see you!

    Hopefully by the time we get close to Yuma it will be warm! Seems like everywhere is very cold at the moment.

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