Guest blogger: Elko

We are getting ready to move again and my people are ready. We have been volunteering for four of the last five months and even though they liked it, they are ready to be on their own schedule again.

As for me, Elko, big black dog – I like this place. In fact, of all the 66 places we’ve been since we left my house and backyard – this is the place I like best. I don’t care about the Chief, but I like the park and all the grass. I get to chase my ball and it takes a long time to walk around all the grass.  I hardly ever have to be on a leash. There are only a few of us that live in the park so once the gates are closed (It use to be 8:00 pm, but now it is 5:00) it is all ours.

I’m the only dog living in the park. There are two dogs next door that bark sometimes but I don’t pay any attention to them. My dad says they must speak Crow.  We are surrounded by the reservation, so we see dogs coming through the park sometimes, but I’m the only one that should be here.

One night my mom took me out before bed and there was something scary out there. I growled and my hair stood up – and then my mom made me go inside. I don’t know for sure if it was a mountain lion, or a bear, or a coyote (or ?) because I’ve never seen any of those things up close, but it could have been any of them and I was spooked. I was still spooked the next night too!

There are always interesting smells when we go out in the mornings. I know there have been other animals in my big yard!  Sometimes I even go out by myself here and that is different since Mom always goes out with me everywhere else.


Sometimes my mom and I get up early when it is still dark and we like to watch the sunrise over the Chief’s House and the tipi. One day mom got some great pictures! These are for real because mom doesn’t know how to photo-shop.  We made dad get up to see that sunrise because it was pretty special.


5:38 am


5:44 am


5:45 am


5:47 am

I know why the Crow people always had their tipi openings facing east – so they could see the great sunrises too.


My people have worked a lot here. Mom is always in the visitor center museum so she leaves our trailer at 10:00,  comes home for lunch and then goes back. Mom gets home about 5:00. I never get to go to work with her.


My dad works about the same hours but he does better things. He drives the tractor and the lawn mowers and plays with this huge sprinkler called the Big Squirt.


Sometimes I get to go to work with him if he is doing something in the shop or picking up trash.



I have to spend time in the trailer here while they are at work and that isn’t so fun.  The great part is that since we live so far away, they never leave me after work to go anywhere. Even on days off, everything is so far away, that I almost always get to go!

We are surrounded by the Crow Indian Reservation and in a town called Pryor. Our park is the nicest place in the whole town. A lot of people from town come here to have a picnic, or fish in the creek, or play on the playground. Everyday people bring jugs and get water from one of the faucets because they don’t have water at their houses.   Pryor is a small town that has houses, schools, a Crow Baptist church, a community center and a post office. It has a gas station but it doesn’t sell the kind my dad needs in his truck. There isn’t even a grocery store so we always have to go in to Billings on our days off to get food.

Pryor is the name of the town, the creek, the mountains and the valley. They were all named after Sgt. Pryor. He was part of the Corps of Discovery with Lewis and Clark. When Lewis and Clark split up and went different ways by boat, Sgt. Pryor was in charge of the horses. He and his men were suppose to take the horses to the Mandan Villages.  Only two days later the Crow Indians took all the horses from Sgt. Pryor.  The Crow Indians didn’t even meet Lewis, Clark or Sgt. Pryor. They just took their horses.  It was a way to count coup in the Crow way of life.


Sgt. Pryor and his men had to build some boats made of buffalo skins to travel. They caught up with William Clark 400 miles downstream.

When we leave we aren’t going to go by boat, or go 400 miles.  When we leave this cool place that I like a lot,  we are going to a place called Devils Tower in Wyoming.  We are going to wander around Wyoming for a week and then go to Fort Collins, Colorado for a Boise State football game.  I’m pretty sure I am going to have to stay in the trailer while they go to the football game….    Elko

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Former full time RVers, transitioned to homeowners and travelers. We've still got a map to finish! Home is the Phoenix area desert and a small cabin in the White Mountains of Arizona.
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7 Responses to Guest blogger: Elko

  1. guerin fischer says:

    We truly look forward to seeing you in the near future.

    • Serene says:

      Unless we connect earlier, we are planning to come your way in mid March on our way to Vancouver for dad’s 80th birthday. Seeing people along the way is definitely a perk of this lifestyle.
      Hoping to go to the Ashland Shakespeare Festival this time

  2. Mark & Teri says:

    Nice blog, Elko!! I’m glad that we got to hang out with you a little while we were there!

  3. Beverly Olson says:

    Thanks Elko. You write almost as well as Serene.

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