Children of a Common Mother Playing on an Island

P1020624During winters in Arizona we have become friends with a few Canadian couples.  We are Children of a Common Mother as indicated by the inscription on the Peace Arch at the border near Blaine, Washington.

We met Catie, Gordon, Dave and Linda the first time we stayed in Yuma and have seen them several times since.  Catie and Gordon have a permanent home on Vancouver Island and Dave and Linda are spending the spring and summer seasons on the island this year.   It seemed to be a good time to visit them in Canada.

fullsizeoutput_4818Randy, Elko and I approached the border with our documents, passports for us and an immunization record for Elko.  We experienced polite but robust questioning about any potential firearms.

fullsizeoutput_481fWe drove past Vancouver to the terminal to board a BC Ferry to Vancouver Island.   We were hoping for a top deck placement because then we would have the option of staying in the truck with Elko.  If we were on a lower deck Randy and I would have to go to the passenger area and Elko would have to stay in the truck alone for the two hour ride.

fullsizeoutput_481bI had made a reservation and we were told having that helped our cause for the top deck placement.  We were lucky to be far enough forward to have a good view.  We listened to the Mariners’ game on the radio and had an enjoyable ferry ride across the Straight of Georgia to Nanaimo.  (The straight was named for King George III in 1792.)


Our $70 ride went from Vancouver to Nanaimo.

Arriving on Vancouver Island we were surprised to see regular mainland businesses including RV and Peterbilt dealerships.  There are even three Costcos!  We had totally underestimated this island!  

Vancouver Island is the largest island off the Pacific coast of North America.  The population is near 800,000 with about half of that in Victoria.   In land mass, Vancouver Island is nearly identical to Maryland and larger than eight other US states.   No wonder it didn’t feel like an island!

We made our way to Catie and Gordon’s very nice guesthouse.   Not just for friends, they also rent their Cozy Guest Cottage in Qualicum Bay through airbnb.


They had a delicious dinner ready for us using their reclette grill.   We have fond memories of using a reclette at the Mona Lisa Fondue Restaurant near Boise.

fullsizeoutput_4821The next day they took us to Cathedral Grove,  an old growth forest with trees that are 800 years old.  We and the dogs enjoyed the walk.




The water is so clear!


Later in the day Dave and Linda joined us for a barbecue.  They brought Nanaimo Bars for dessert.  These bars originated in Nanaimo, the city where we came onto the island.  They are a Canadian dessert staple – like apple pie or chocolate chip cookies are in the US.

fullsizeoutput_4833One day, Randy, Elko and I did some exploring on our own, driving two hours across the middle island wilderness to the Pacific side.   

fullsizeoutput_483bWe traveled to the Pacific Rim National Park and stopped at the Amphitrite Lighthouse.  

fullsizeoutput_4841We learned about whistle buoys which help guide ships into the harbor, especially in times of fog.  The whistle sound grows louder when pressure is increased with rougher wave action.



We saw some beautiful ocean views.



We stopped at Long Beach and watched a few surfers try to get past the breakers.

 On our final day on the island, Randy went golfing with Dave and Gordon.   Elko and I went to spend the day with Linda at Salmon Point RV Resort, where she and Dave are staying in their RV.   It is a lovely resort with a marina and restaurant. 


At Salmon Point there are views of the Cascade Mountain range.


The golfers wandered home and we had an enjoyable evening with Dave and Linda.

Preparing to depart the island, we knew what to do!  We arrived at the ferry dock two hours early in hope of getting a prime spot on the upper deck. It worked!


With an enjoyable two hour ride ahead of us, Randy improved our view by cleaning the windshield.

fullsizeoutput_4851We don’t plan to go to Yuma this year so we aren’t sure when we will see our friends again.  Yet in the RVer way, we are confident that we will!  Thanks for a great visit Catie, Gordon, Dave and Linda!

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4 Responses to Children of a Common Mother Playing on an Island

  1. BeverlyOlson says:

    Brought back so many good memories. Your dad and I vacationed on Vancouver Island several times. Thanks.

  2. Mark says:

    On our cruise from Seattle to Alaska we had Vancouver Island on our left for two solid days. It was hard to believe that it was an island! Simply huge.

    It sounds like you has a fantastic trip and visit with friends. And those Nanaimo Bars looks like something we need to try ASAP!

  3. AmyU says:

    Thanks so much for documenting your travels…Maggie and I love to see what you, Randy and Elko are up to these days. It is also a great way to see the Pacfic NW in a way we have not explored yet…after 14 years in ID and Maggie’s 10 on Earth ya’d think we would have explored a little more by now, but alas… Safe and Happy Trails to the Travelin’ Trio 🙂 ❤

  4. Dave and Linda says:

    It was great to have you 3 for a few days. We appreciate that you brought the nice weather with you also.

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