Thanks for Visiting!

fullsizeoutput_49c2Since we arrived at  Lake Cascade State Park in mid May we have had two anniversaries.  On May 19th we forgot to celebrate four years of living full time in our fifth-wheel.   We did remember to celebrate our 38th wedding anniversary on May 23rd.   We went to a local pizza joint with Jack, our first friend to visit us here at the park.


Jack camped two spots down for a few days – that was fun!

fullsizeoutput_49aeWe spent a little time with the neighbors who came into the site between us.   En-route from Florida to Alaska, these fans were trying to watch Tampa Bay’s hockey playoff game on their cell-phones.    We were able to get the game on our satellite and invited them in to watch.  That was probably the first hockey game Randy and I have ever watched.   Jack got us to watch, and care a little bit, about the NBA playoffs too.   It’s good for friends to expand our horizons!

fullsizeoutput_4989We have had several other visitors too!   Rodger and Donna came through for a visit on their way to McCall.   Rodger and Randy are planning to play golf in a Monday night league this summer.

P1010698We were delighted to reconnect with Judy and Steve when they came to the park for an overnight stay.  Judy even brought us yummy banana bread.

P1010718We met Sharon and Stu last May when we were volunteering at Umpqua Lighthouse State Park.  They have taken to volunteering at the actual Umpqua Lighthouse.  We were glad to see them when they came by for a visit.  We will be glad to spend more time with Sharon and Stu when they move their RV onto their Lake Cascade property later in the summer.



fullsizeoutput_49bfAnd since friends Kent and Pam have a cabin in the area we’ve seen them several times already.  We have been playing a card game called Golf and having a ball.  We look forward to spending lots of time with Kent and Pam this summer!



Randy and camp-host Richard repairing some fencing.

We are delighted with all of our visitors, yet Randy is here to be the maintenance host.  His obligation is 20 – 25 hours per week but he’s working a lot more than that.    I  have helped with projects for the park office  and am the substitute camp-host when Richard is off.   It has been really busy!   


Randy especially will need to find a better balance by working shorter days or fewer days.

We have had quite a few thunderstorms in the last two weeks.  There was an especially bad one over Memorial Day Weekend.   The winds were raging and the lake was rolling white-caps.

fullsizeoutput_49bbThese campers waited too long to decide to get their boat out of the water and back onto the trailer.   It was pretty scary to watch them try repeatedly to push the boat out far enough to start the engine and get moving before the waves pushed them back again.  Then we watched them almost capsize as they worked their way across the waves.  We had anxiety that their adventure was going to end in significant peril for them (no lifejackets) or the boat, but it all worked out.



fullsizeoutput_49beDue to the rain and snow melt, the lake is very high.  The water cascades abundantly through the dam.

fullsizeoutput_49bcThat didn’t stop this dad and his kids from fishing 50 feet from the intake.  I wish I could say the dad was being careful with his sons in this danger zone, but I can’t.  I had to go away.

Even with the occasional aggravation, we are glad to be here.   We are enjoying our fellow volunteers, the park staff and the work.  Elko doesn’t like it because he has to be on his chain when he is outside.   That is a rule almost everywhere we go, but one we usually ignore.   Unfortunately for him,  we can’t ignore it when we are camp volunteers. We try to make it up to Elko with many walks and a couple wades in the lake each day.

Thanks so much to our visitors and please know, we are selfishly hoping for more of you.  We used to laugh at people who volunteered so close to home and now we are loving being close enough to connect with so many people from our old home town of Boise.

P1010684Site 197, Ridgeview Campground, Lake Cascade State Park.

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Former full time RVers, transitioned to homeowners and travelers. We've still got a map to finish! Home is the Phoenix area desert and a small cabin in the White Mountains of Arizona.
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4 Responses to Thanks for Visiting!

  1. Mark says:

    I was setting up our satellite dish in a Pennsylvania State Park when a host came by and asked if we were getting ready to watch the Penguins (I think…). I had pretty much no idea what he was talking about and said something like “just getting the TV set up”. Still never watched a hockey game!!

    Sounds like you’re getting plenty of company there with more on the way! Have fun.

  2. Teri McClelland says:

    I recognize that lovely volunteer vest! It looks like yall have found a great place to spend some time.

  3. Elaine Ehlers says:

    I often wondered if the life of traveling would be lonely but with both of you being both outgoing and gracious, it looks very inviting. At my point in life these posts bring me joy. Thank You.

    • Serene says:

      We are humbled to bring you some joy. It is interesting to us that as our Boise friend group contracts with time away, our friendships on the road have balanced that out. And we have much in common with our friends from the road! We have also appreciated that life on the road has allowed us to strengthen relationships with family and friends we didn’t see often when stationery.

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