Something is Missing

Do you see this map?   Once we added Texas, it just looked like something was missing.   Yes, that Oklahoma shape just looks so white. Oh, the silly things that motivate!

From previous trip planning I knew there was an Oklahoma State Park on the very tip of the Oklahoma panhandle.  It was about six hours out of our way but we decided that, if I could get reservations, we’d go get that Oklahoma sticker.

Sure enough, reservations were available, and we were off to Oklahoma!

We went through Boise City – just not the Boise we know so well.

We arrived at Black Mesa State Park!    

Before we were done getting settled we saw wild turkeys. We saw them regularly for two days!

The rangers at the park were very pleasant and helpful. They commiserated with us about this very strange set up for “pull through” sites. There were four sites one right after another along the narrow road. The only way to really pull through is if you were the only ones there. Imagine sites numbered 1-4. Number 1 was there when we arrived and we were number 3. Driver number 2 did a great job getting in. Driver number 4 had it easy as he was behind us. Everyone cooperated and it worked!

The next morning we decided to take a bike ride around the lake.   We didn’t get very far as I was having a lot of trouble with my bike – more than just operator error.

We went back to camp and Randy worked on it. He decided that it really needs a visit to a bike shop.   We spent that afternoon researching electric bikes and trying to decide on whether to purchase one bike or two.   (The next day we decided not to get any and just get mine repaired.)

The highest point in Oklahoma, Black Mesa at 4973 feet was 15 miles away. There is a hike…we just weren’t motivated to do it.

We did do the Vista Trail hike at the park.  We saw a collection of petrified wood.

We enjoyed several varieties of wild flowers.

On a cloudy day you can see forever in Oklahoma.  

When it was time to go, Randy had to hook up at an angle.  To my surprise, but not his, he was able to pull out fairly easily.

Then we were off again, through Texas one more time, and back to New Mexico.

Oklahoma added!

About Serene

Former full time RVers, transitioned to homeowners and travelers. We've still got a map to finish! Home is the Phoenix area desert and a small cabin in the White Mountains of Arizona.
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2 Responses to Something is Missing

  1. That is quite a parking job! Glad you didn’t get blocked in and got out okay.

  2. Mark McClelland says:

    Love all of the petrified wood. We’ve zipped through the Oklahoma panhandle a number of times returning to Texas, but never stopped.

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