Cruisin’ Towards Denver

For those of you who think we are STILL in Cañon City – we aren’t.  We loved it there but we did move on.  I’m just very tardy in getting back to the blog – something I hope to remedy in the next couple weeks.

We cruised through Pueblo and Colorado Springs and found parking for our trailer in two residential areas as we stopped to see family friends.   

We saw Nannette in Pueblo but failed to take a picture!  We enjoyed visiting and she treated us to lunch at the renown Pass Key Restaurant for Italian Sausage Sandwiches.  We’d eat there again!  Thank you Nannette.

A little further along, we saw family friend, Jan, in Colorado Springs. We enjoyed visiting with her! One of the things we value about RV travel is being able to see people we otherwise would not.

Near Colorado Springs, Randy and I went to a chuckwagon dinner show at Flying W Ranch. We’ve been to shows like this all over the west and enjoy them. The Flying W was unique in two ways:

First, it was very, very strange to be in a space with so many people.  It was a bit of Covid culture shock!

Before “so many people” came, Randy enjoyed chatting with one of our table-mates.   He had worked for the railroad for many years, serving as an engineer on the same route day after day, year after year.  He said the only variety was the occasional animal sighting.  He scoffed at the idea that working on the railroad was one of those “romantic” jobs.

The lines were very efficient as we got our dinner of ribs, chicken, baked potato, applesauce, roll, beans and chocolate cake.  It was traditional fare for this type of venue and was very tasty.

The second reason the Flying W Ranch experience was unique was its history. Chuckwagon dinner shows began on the ranch in 1953. It was the second longest running venue of its type in the world. Until 2012…

The Flying W Ranch was completely destroyed in the Waldo Canyon Fire that began June 23, 2012. The founders’ daughter, who currently runs the operation, spoke about watching the fire come near but being assured by the fire captain that they would be able to save the ranch’s central property. Then she watched as fire fighters had to pull out for a higher priority site. She watched her family’s legacy burn down.

Not sounding bitter at all, she spoke of the work, dedication, and process of rising from the ashes.

The new facility opened in 2020 and it is beautiful. There are activities and shops to explore prior to the dinner show event. We’d recommend the Chuckwagon and Western Show regardless, but especially after all they’ve been through!

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Former full time RVers, transitioned to homeowners and travelers. We've still got a map to finish! Home is the Phoenix area desert and a small cabin in the White Mountains of Arizona.
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  1. Kim Goehring says:


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  2. Mark McClelland says:

    Glad to see an update on your trip! The fires in the past decade in the west have devastated so many wonderful places. Good to see that the Flying W Ranch was able to rise from the ashes and carry on.

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