Craigslist Follies

In the months since we last posted, the best thing that happened wa the birth of our grandson!   Grandpa has been babysitting one or two days a week!

He has also been trying to empty our house using Craigslist.  The stories we can tell!    Here are a few highlights to chuckle over.

Just today,  a man was very determined to be the first to buy our shop vac.  He came, purchased it for our advertized $30, and then sent a text asking Randy for the pictures so he could re-list it for $49!

Randy created a “feeding frenzy” with a couple of Natasha’s cast-off furniture items.  She had a very rough dresser and nightstand which Randy identified as needing to be completely sanded and repainted.   He posted it at 10:30 pm and eventually took the post down and turned off his phone so we could get some sleep.

Our son in law had an old dresser he thought should be thrown out.  Randy listed it for $40, and created another frenzy.  It was purchased by a family who came and purchased the dresser and five other items.  We have created a bit of a showroom in our living room with our items for sale.

Our dining room furniture was posted for moments.  Randy posted it, got up from the computer, and walked to the garage.  His phone rang with a buyer asking if we still had the set.  It had been posted for about 30 seconds.

We had a cardio-glide exercise machine and a bread maker that had been listed for months and price dropped many times.  For no apparent reason, they both sold in the same morning.

A buyer was interested in a queen size bed we had posted but we were at a basketball game that went to overtime.  The buyer wanted the bed and met us at home at 10:30 pm.

We have other craigslist stories but you get the idea!

Even though we are getting pennies on the dollar for many of these once valued possessions, it is freeing to let them go – with just a couple of exceptions.  My piano (that I have had “longer than Randy”) was given to a friend’s granddaughter who is excited to begin piano lessons.   My grandmother’s sewing machine that I had acquired several years ago was sold to a young woman just hours before the piano was picked up.  That was a hard day for me.


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Former full time RVers, transitioned to homeowners and travelers. We've still got a map to finish! Home is the Phoenix area desert and a small cabin in the White Mountains of Arizona.
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