Back in Boise!

We have had a nice first week back in Boise.   It is interesting how quickly you can go back to your normal life.  (Although this version of normal STILL has technology problems!)  Randy is working on fixing things here in the trailer and also installed a new dishwasher for our friend, Bridget.  Randy and friend Kent “crashed” book club (again) by having dinner at the same restaurant, at the same time. as those of us who read the book. We enjoyed time with Archer, Seth and Natasha.   We have not yet driven by our old house but I would imagine we will go by and see it sometime while we are here.

Randy and I have enjoyed getting together for dinners and lunches with friends this week!   Thank you to those who have invited us and if we haven’t seen you yet, we are looking forward to it!

I began work on Monday and have sympathy for those of you who work (or have worked) at a desk job!   I am use to my days flying by as a classroom teacher and that has not been my experience this week.   Of course, that may change as my month progresses and I do not want in any way to be perceived as complaining.   I am very grateful for this short-term position so I can retire instead of resign.



Much thanks to our great friend, Jonna, for taking in our mending!  I don’t own a sewing machine anymore, and neither do my mother or Natasha, so we appreciate Jonna helping us out.   It is humbling to ask someone to sew for you but I knew she was a friend who could and would.


After not golfing all summer, Randy has golfed several times this week.  He even competed in the club championship and won  3rd gross for his flight.


This morning I was able to sing with our church choir, a joy in my life.  We have enjoyed worship at churches in whatever towns we have been in but it is great to be back at our home church, Cole Community.


randy bsu

Another passion revs up this week!  The Boise State football team plays Ole  Miss on Thursday (ESPN).   Go Broncos!!

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Former full time RVers, transitioned to homeowners and travelers. We've still got a map to finish! Home is the Phoenix area desert and a small cabin in the White Mountains of Arizona.
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4 Responses to Back in Boise!

  1. Reed and Jean says:

    Welcome home! We have enjoyed so much your adventures over the summer. Have given us lots of ideas about where to go. Am excited to see where you go from here. Give Archer a hug for us.
    Happy Trails,
    Reed and Jean

  2. Amy Urian says:

    It is so nice knowing your near. How long will you be at the district before the official retirement?

    • Serene says:

      Sept. 30 is my last day. We hope to take off soon after but Randy is having some back issues. We may be here longer than we expect.

      • Amy Urian says:

        Those back issues are annoying at best. The Hubbs has been dealing with his back this summer as well…Best wishes always.

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