A Room With a View


This is the view out the windows in our trailer.   (Randy says we should always have a “room with a view” in our trailer or we should move).    We are in our favorite site, at one of our favorite parks, with two of our favorite people, Darrell and Cindy.   As I wrote earlier in the year, we have been coming to these sites with them on Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends for years.   This is where we had our flood a few months ago!


The skies flooded last night during a very impressive storm!    We could see the black clouds rolling in while we were having dinner and it didn’t disappoint.   It is pleasant to hear the rain on the roof in a trailer – but you feel bad for people in tents!    In the middle of the wild storm, one of us wondered why we hadn’t gotten an alert on our Weather Radio which is intended to do just that.   Technology again!!   Apparently it still thought we were some place we had already been and already left….Randy has to figure that one out!

We can’t seem to escape the technology gnats.  In the Eagle RV park, their wifi was so strong that it was dominating our personal wifi system and not allowing us to log on.   As we prefer our secure wifi account, we took the laptop and mifi out of the park, got the laptop to log in and then left them both on and connected for the week, exceeded our wifi allowance, and were shut off for the rest of the month.  This morning our old HP laptop was refusing to wake up and play AGAIN, so tomorrow, I am off to the Apple Store for a MacBook Pro.   We have long considered going Mac but I was hesitant as I didn’t want to have to use two different computer systems and the school district uses PC – Windows.   As that situation is very shortly going away, so is the HP laptop!

I am enjoying helping new teachers and have been doing some tech stuff at work that I never thought I’d be doing.  Having dinner conversations with Randy about Java updates and pop-ups has not been part of our regular communication pattern!   I will turn in my retirement/resignation letter this week and anticipate the next month will go quickly.

Randy spent many hours replacing our grey and black tank sensors.  It drove him nuts that  the sensors would say the tanks were 2/3 full when he had just emptied them!   He had to remove the underbody of the trailer to get to them but eventually got the old ones out and a different kind of sensors installed.   We are so fortunate that Randy can do, and fix, so many things himself.  I wouldn’t want to know how much Camping World would charge to do the things Randy can do.  Plus there is the fact that this is our home, and where would we go if our home was at Camping World?

Now that the fair has moved on, we moved back to the Riverside RV Park on the Greenbelt.  The Eagle Park was very clean, and the people were nice, but the sites were very close together and it wasn’t really a good place for Elko.  Now we have the Greenbelt and can listen to the Boise Hawks game announcer if we are outside in the evenings.

Randy and Elko get to watch Archer several days this week while Natasha works.  Randy is excited, not sure about Elko!

About Serene

Former full time RVers, transitioned to homeowners and travelers. We've still got a map to finish! Home is the Phoenix area desert and a small cabin in the White Mountains of Arizona.
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2 Responses to A Room With a View

  1. Marilyn Muir says:

    I agree with Randy – the view is always nice! Seems you know all the good parks and places to go! Your last few weeks of teaching will go fast.

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