Grandparents to the Rescue

Four days and 2200 miles ago we were in Connecticut.   Our daughter called and told us our grandson was in the hospital in Boise. Over the course of several days he was diagnosed with a blood and bone infection and treatment began. He was released from the hospital yesterday and is expected to make a full recovery but will need some extra attention for the next 4-6 weeks. So — grandparents to the rescue!

Actually, great grandparents came to the rescue as well. My parents went to Boise to help out while we cross the country at a pace of 700 miles per day. It took us almost two months to get to Connecticut but we’ll take 5 days to go back to Boise.

We left Hartford, Connecticut on Sunday late afternoon and drove as far as Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. There we did something we’ve never done! We spent the night in a casino parking lot!


Many RVers spend nights in parking lots for casinos, Walmarts, Cabella’s and truck stops. We choose to support local campgrounds so this was new to us. We didn’t know how long we’d drive that night so it was an option and it worked.  The night was cool enough that air conditioning wasn’t needed.  We went into the casino to have breakfast to give them a little business.


We spent the next night 700 miles down the road in Indianapolis so we could see our friend Rosa.  She was great to meet us at 7:00 in the morning so we could visit and still get on the road for our next 700 miles.

Most of the roads on the trips east and west have been pretty bad. Illinois was the exception with really nice roads and really big rest stops. This was just part of the “truck” side of the parking lot when we stopped to stretch our legs.


Unfortunately we had to drive right through Iowa without seeing our “extended daughter” Christina and meeting her husband. We drove through Iowa mid-day when they were at work.

Our Nebraska night was in a nice campground owned by a young couple right off of I-80. It was hot and humid and we were really glad to have hookups to have air-conditioning!

We had big winds while driving through Wyoming but we managed not to litter this time!   We stayed in the fairgrounds campground and the trailer really rocked in 24 mile per hour winds gusting to 35 mph. You gotta love Wyoming!


Our cousins Lynn and Marilyn were great to take us for an early breakfast so we could visit and still get on the road.

We left Rock Springs about 90 minutes ago and Randy just said we had 400 miles to go to get to Boise – That means our total trip will be 2709 miles done over five days (most of it in four).   Although I have offered, Randy has driven all of it so far and I don’t see him giving up the wheel in the final stretch!

We enjoyed the rally and meeting people and some terrific sites along the way to New England.   However, we did not enjoy the humidity and bugs!   We will go back and complete our trip someday but for now we are grandparents to the rescue.

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Former full time RVers, transitioned to homeowners and travelers. We've still got a map to finish! Home is the Phoenix area desert and a small cabin in the White Mountains of Arizona.
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9 Responses to Grandparents to the Rescue

  1. Kim says:

    Great hat that mans wearing 🏈😄

    • Serene says:

      Ha! I had to go back and look! I thought maybe Randy had had a Boise State Broncos hat on but you were commenting on Lynn’s Denver Broncos hat. I get it!

  2. AmyU says:

    So happy to hear hour grandson will be ok and that you will be here in Boise to help your kids out. We really appreciate our folks in time like this. Be safe and maybe we will see you around Boise.

  3. Rosie and Bill says:

    It was a real heartbreak to here how your trip ended up. It is a whopper jolt about your
    Grandson. I am soooo thrilled he will get better. I know it was a no brainer to go back.
    We are so glad you had a safe trip.

  4. We will be pulling for your grandson. Guerin

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