Update from Boise – He’s Looking Good!

When we last posted, we were completing our dash across the country due to our toddler grandson’s health concerns.  He had a very serious blood and bone infection likely caused by a scraped knee.   Thankfully, it was caught very early and we are so blessed, happy and grateful to report that he is doing very well!

When we arrived he was crawling or being carried because of pain in the infected foot. Nine days later he is walking with only a slight limp and his blood work has returned to normal levels. He was able to go to “school” and play with his friends for a few hours Thursday and Friday.

That seems to be the working plan for the next week or so. His mom will drop him off at school on her way to work and we’ll pick him up about 10:00 and take him home to play, have lunch and take his midday meds. The aggressive antibiotics will continue for another few weeks but all is looking well for a total recovery. Thanks for the prayers on his behalf!

Getting a campsite in Boise was a challenge – although I don’t know why anyone who doesn’t have to be camping here now would be!  It is miserably hot outside!

When we began our drive home I called our usual campground to get reservations and the desk workers told us they were completely full. The Western Idaho Fair was about to begin and the campground is adjacent to the fairgrounds.

Given the circumstances, and our history with the campground, manager Karen told us to try the other campgrounds in the area and if we couldn’t make something work to call back and she’d try to figure something out.  Everything in Boise was fully booked so Karen worked some magic and got us into an overflow site on the grass. That means we have great power, marginal water access, and no sewer for about three weeks but we are very grateful to have what we have.


The advantage of being on the grass is that Randy was able to spend one very long hot afternoon repairing the trailer again!   He replaced a broken shear spring while lying in the grass instead of lying in dirt or gravel.


A shear spring provides shock absorption between the axle leaf spring and the frame. It had broken on the way east, and although not dangerous, was not good for the trailer.

Once the fair is over and the fair employees have moved on we’ll be able to move into a traditional site for the remainder of our stay. We originally thought we’d be here until the end of September but that is no longer a given. We’ll see how things go but we may leave sooner than that.

For now we have settled into a daily routine of caring for our grandson and being able to spend evenings with friends. Thanks to John and Deb, Kent and Pam, and Darrell and Cindy for making time for us already!

About Serene

Former full time RVers, transitioned to homeowners and travelers. We've still got a map to finish! Home is the Phoenix area desert and a small cabin in the White Mountains of Arizona.
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5 Responses to Update from Boise – He’s Looking Good!

  1. Shirley says:

    Glad everything is going well with your grandson. Hello and live to everyone in Boise!

  2. G. Moon says:

    Dear Randy and Serene Welcome Home! How wonderful that you are available to help your precious little grandson. It seems like he is on the road to recovery. I will continue to pray for him. How blessed we are to have a God that listens to our heart’s cry and answers with His love. I totally enjoy going on all your adventures with you two and Elkoo, too! Love and prayers
    Shirley M

  3. Sounds like the little guy is getting back into the swing of things. Nothing better than spending time with the kiddos and having that good feeling when they are feeling better and getting on..Best wishes for your next adventure….

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