Mesquite: Retirement Destination for Many

fullsizeoutput_42f8Mesquite is a popular retirement town and there is a Del Webb community, Sun City Mesquite, nearby.  We spent an enjoyable afternoon touring the grounds, recreation center and model homes. We aren’t ready to “hang up the keys” anytime soon but do see the appeal of living in a community like this one. For us that means a nice little house, near a major airport, that is easy to leave for weeks or months at a time.

fullsizeoutput_42f9We viewed nine model homes and very quickly decided on a couple that would fit our needs –  a two bedroom, two bath home with a den (or third bedroom),  light interior, a large patio and a big bathtub. One of the few things we miss about our house in Boise is our big bathtub!

The other appeal of a community like this is great recreation on-site. The recreation center had a beautiful outdoor pool, an indoor pool, billiards, library, and art studios. There are exercise facilities and classes including line dancing.

Sun City Mesquite has pickle ball and tennis courts and its own highly rated golf course called Conestoga.  Mesquite as a town has more courses per capita than anywhere else in America.

Mesquite is also close to the beauty of southern Utah and the airport and entertainment opportunities in Las Vegas.  We’ve gone to both St. George and Las Vegas several times in the last few weeks.


Snow Canyon State Park is near St. George and we spent a day exploring. I have looked at reserving a campsite at Snow Canyon several times over the years but always hesitated because the sites with hook-ups were described as very tight.  The reviews were right and there is no way we, with a large trailer and slide-outs on both sides, could fit. But we did see some nice sites without hook ups that we would enjoy. Some places are worth visiting even if you have to rough it and Snow Canyon State Park is one of them.fullsizeoutput_42e4





Moki Marbles

One feature we liked at Snow Canyon were Moki Marbles.  The marbles are iron concretions that stay intact when the rock erodes around them.  These same type of marbles have been found on Mars.


We noticed this plane in the sky while we were in Snow Canyon. We assume this means one of the engines was out. The pilots surely knew but did the passengers?

fullsizeoutput_42f7 Randy is a retired engineer but hasn’t lost his love for tech gadgets.  This gizmo tracks the propane levels in our two tanks. We only open one tank at a time and when it goes empty we find out when the propane stove turns off while making dinner or when we wake up very cold because the furnace has gone out. One of us has to go outside and move the lever to switch tanks.


With the lever pushed to the left and the dial showing green,  the propane is flowing from the door side tank.  When it shows red, we have to flip the lever to the alternate tank.


We operate that way so we don’t run the risk of both tanks being empty at the same time. This new gadget allows us to open the other tank when one gets low (instead of empty) so we can avoid the next “baby it’s cold outside” moment.

We were delighted to get a text from Boise friends Paula and Mike saying they were on the road in their motorhome heading south for the winter and coming through Mesquite! Whoo-hoo! It is great to see Boise friends when we are in Boise, and super cool to see them on the road!

fullsizeoutput_430aThey had season tickets for Boise State Basketball for many years, as we did, and the Broncos were playing UNLV in Las Vegas so we took that 90 minute road trip together. It was a great time to catch up and enjoy a Bronco win! They’ll be here a few more days so we’ll see what more fun we can cook up!


Great to see Mike and Paula!



About Serene

Former full time RVers, transitioned to homeowners and travelers. We've still got a map to finish! Home is the Phoenix area desert and a small cabin in the White Mountains of Arizona.
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5 Responses to Mesquite: Retirement Destination for Many

  1. Mark McClelland says:

    Nice new gadget! I’ll be interested to hear how it works. So you guys don’t use the auto-changeover feature on your propane tanks? We’ve always use ours and have never had an issue. But we do keep pretty close track of the tanks, especially in cold weather.

    Sounds like you’re enjoying the area. Stay warm!!

    • Randy says:

      Our auto-changeover feature works fine, but we have always used our tanks in a certain way. Sometimes old habits are hard to break. Now that I can monitor the tanks so easily, I think we will just leave both of our tanks open and take advantage of the auto-changeover feature more now.

      I’ll keep you posted on how well it works.

      • Mark McClelland says:

        Does it work off of weight sensors, look “through” the tank wall, or ?? I have one of the Dometic GasChecker pens that sense level thru the side of the tank. It works ok, but requires that I be outside accessing the tank. Inside with a display looks better!

  2. Teri McClelland says:

    Sun City Mesquite sounds like a wonderful place to hang up the keys. We have a Sun City in Texas too (Georgetown). It is nice to get out of the RV for a while and enjoy a full size kitchen and bath.

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