Two Tributes and Melissa

fullsizeoutput_4f07As Randy is still recovering from major surgery, we aren’t able to hike or explore yet, but we can be entertained!   Our timing is great because entertainment abounds for snowbirds in Mesa.  


We could go to a show every night.  More than any other year,  the music is right in our sweet spot – the 70s.

fullsizeoutput_4f1bWe saw an Eagles tribute band called One of These Nights right in our own park.  They were so good!  I actually enjoyed this concert more than the real Eagles concert we went to years ago. (Randy would probably disagree with that although he loved this one too.)  It is amazing how tribute bands can sound exactly like the original. 

fullsizeoutput_4f2cA few days later we went to a sister park and saw The Chicago Experience celebrating Chicago.  It was an odd assortment of wonderful musicians including an amazing young singer (who could really move) to a seasoned, balding trumpet player and every possibility in between.

One of my favorite songs in life is Color My World by Chicago.  I was determined to get that on video and started recording the beginning of every song so I wouldn’t miss that wonderful keyboard beginning.  Randy finally told me he could see the sax player, could see when he picked up the flute, and that could be my cue.   If you too loved Color My World, I hope you enjoy the video below.

fullsizeoutput_4f35Then we saw the “real” performer, Melissa Manchester.   The tickets for the real deal are more expensive ($45 per ticket) than the tribute bands ($15).  Imagine that!  We enjoyed the evening as she sang her hits and iconic songs from her new CD Fellas.  She had stories about her songs  and the various artists she’s worked with over the years.

fullsizeoutput_4f34One of the cool things about this show was the side videos showing her singing the songs during other parts of her life, almost perfectly synced.

And as much as we enjoy being entertained, we have done a few other things.


We joined Tim and Yvette (brother and sister in law) to celebrate Yvette’s retirement!  Congratulations Yvette!


Beth came up to visit again – That’s always fun.

fullsizeoutput_4f29Randy took this picture of me not having fun at all!   I have been doing all the driving  and early on I wouldn’t even let Randy have the radio on because I just needed to concentrate.  By now I am mostly accustomed to scooting along at 75 miles per hour on the endless freeways but I’ll never enjoy it.   I was totally unaware when he took this picture as it was rush hour and no one else seemed to think 75 was fast enough.  I hate driving 80 mph on a crowded freeway.   I will cheer when Randy can take back driving!


I do have fun keeping up with Boise State basketball.  Sometimes the men’s and women’s teams play at the same time – so one game on the computer and one on the iPad.

I also had fun taking stained glass classes here in the park.  In the first class we learned to cut and grind glass.

During the second class we made a sunrise/sunset piece where we learned to tape and solder.  It was fun.

I may do something again or I may try something else.   The choices seem endless.

And from the home front…


A windstorm destroyed our canopy.  It wasn’t a big deal because it was the one that was damaged in Idaho last summer.  The company graciously replaced it for free (for a good Amazon review) so we have another.  We’ll wait until it gets hot again to put it up.


You might remember we were hoping for oranges on the fruit tree on our site…nope, they are grapefruit.  Anyone have any ideas to make them edible?

About Serene

Former full time RVers, transitioned to homeowners and travelers. We've still got a map to finish! Home is the Phoenix area desert and a small cabin in the White Mountains of Arizona.
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9 Responses to Two Tributes and Melissa

  1. Rosie Miller says:

    Prayers continue for Randy. You are making lemonade out of lemons!! Keep up the good job. I know how you feel about driving a big rig. The cut glass project is beautiful. Sorry about your awning.

  2. Peggy says:

    So glad to hear things are on the up swing and that you two are able to have some fun along with the medical issues. On the way home in April we well try and contact you guys to see if you will be around.

  3. Betty says:

    Hello…..Glad to see he’s up and at em and has a smile on his face. No doubt from the good care your giving him Serene. Flashback of Chicago and Eagles. Man I feel old. Have a blessed day. Xxooxox from Texas ❤

  4. Karen Johnson says:

    Thanks for “Color My World”. Brought me back yo high school prom. Boy thst’s A real blast from the past. I’m impressed that you are driving your rig!!!! I’d need more than the radio turned off. I’d need to be under hypnosis.
    Prayers for successful surgery and treatments. Good to hear from you.

    • Serene says:

      Not driving the rig in Phoenix – no way! Just the big truck, which makes me feel a little better since I’m so big on the road. The trailer came to this park in September and will be here until the end of May. Randy should be driving by then!

  5. Vicki & Jim says:

    Randy and Serene! Hello! I hear you are in Mesa! We are too. First time ever to be gone from home for 3 months! Came to Mesa Dec. 31 and plan to stay till April 1. What resort are you staying at? Let me know and if Randy is feeling up to it we will stop in and say hello to you guys! We are at ViewPoint and playing a ton of tennis on this league here. Would love to see you guys! So glad Randy is doing better…. that is the best news. I found out from Don R via Wade! Vicki Osweiler

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